Instagram Done For You

the right audience = paying clients

Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet. Visual and personal, Instagram engages your audience on a daily basis.

Of course, powerful engagement and true growth take work, though. Market research, hashtags, captions, constant posting… so let us manage it for you! Because we are a nurse owned and nurse operated business, we get what you are trying to do for your business.

We can build your Instagram account from the ground up, attracting followers and building your audience significantly in 4-5 weeks. More importantly, we get you the RIGHT audience: viewers you can turn into paying clients!


Design by NursePreneurs
Design by NursePreneurs
Design by NursePreneurs


Monthly payment due in full before the start of each month

Cancellation policy: 30 days notice

Branding and Logo Creation: with 24 Hours of Consult

Content Submission from Client: within 3 Days of Consult

Content Processing Buffer Before Launch: 5 Business Days for Bronze/Silver; 7 Business Days for Gold/Premium

Subscription begins on the date of the first post launched


What is a Campaign?

Campaigns are tailor-fit topics for each business. They follow these four pillars of marketing:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Engagements
  • Brand Integrity

A successful Instagram business campaign is guided with these content and campaign pillars. A successful campaign garners followers and engagement with the right audience, which converts into paying clients! 

What's the difference between Standard and Custom Story Highlights?

Story Highlights are the top stories you want your viewers to see first (after your Instagram Business Bio). These story highlights are segregated into topics so your viewers can easily view the topics they want to see.

Standard Story Highlights are:

  • Services
  • About the Company
  • Tips
  • Contact Us

Custom Story Highlights allow you to choose and request custom types of story highlights that help your profile visitors get to know more about the business and your services.

What's the difference between Standard and Custom Campaigns?

In standard campaigns, the Instagram business account gets curated, researched topics and content ideas that cover these 4 areas:

  • About the Company
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Benefits/Valuable Topics.

In custom campaigns (which are highly recommended), you can request the creation or custom marketing campaigns like:

  • Boosts
  • Engagements
  • Tips and Promos

Custom campaigns also include a strategy call and research to give you an idea of what campaigns we can include to ensure Account Growth and audience-to-client conversion.

How long will it take to get followers?
Our goal in this program is to grow followers and audience ORGANICALLY.

Brand Awareness typically takes more than 2 weeks; next is Brand Engagements Week, and then we start building Brand Identity and incorporate campaigns to result in Brand Integrity.

You will see improvements and changes with these pillars by week 4 or 5. The good about this is since we are not using ads or paid followers, you can be sure that you are hitting the right audience for your business. This means your audience can be easily converted to paying clients!

Can I do some of my own posts?
Of course! BUT be sure to connect and coordinate with your Instagram Account Manager to keep a consistent message and feel. With our packages, you get all listed services PLUS guidance from our Instagram Manager with more than 5 years of experience in handling Instagram Businesses clients.
What industry is Instagram good for?
Instagram is great for any businesses! Studies show that attracting and capturing new clients is much easier from Instagram due to its very visual and personal nature; it reflects the personality of you and your business. Instagram also helps you build your audience and drive traffic to your website: more traffic = more clients = more revenue!
What package is best for me?

Bronze is best for new NursePreneurs who are just getting started, need traffic, but don’t have consistent income.  Bronze covers all the Instagram needs of a startup business!

Silver is great for NursePreneurs who are growing their business and have more stable income, but lack the time or knowledge to grow Instagram.

Gold is for the NursePreneur who is looking to maximize influencer status; their business is doing well but they’ve let Instagram lapse because they just doesn’t have time to keep it up.

Do you do reels and IGTV?
Not yet – but stay tuned! We are always integrating!
What if I want to cancel?

Services are paid monthly up-front, so cancellations will take effect after the current month’s service is complete. Simply inform your Instagram Account Manager or email us at

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