Step 1: Branding

Advocate Health Staffing is about matching nurses and facilities to address the growing nursing shortage our nation faces.  They’re about empathy and empowerment for nurses. They’re building their brand to be strong, reputable and reliable. Choosing colors is harder than it seems: we use six colors, including a couple of neutrals, and we make sure they’ll look good together on your site – not just on the brand board.

Sharon wanted a gentle look that makes her clients feel cared for and strong. Our Creative director helped her choose a soft and vibrant palette inspired by nature and compassion. Choosing images can be tedious and time-consuming (not to mention caution in avoiding copy-protected work!). We spend a lot of time choosing the right images and using them in unique ways. No cookie-cutter sites here!

The choice of fonts is equally important. Sharon chose Roboto Light and Merriweather Regular – a good balance of sans serif and serif with both light and medium weights. We use 2, sometimes 3 fonts, and they must work together to provide contrast, readability, and maybe a bit of flair. We get right down to the nitty-gritty and spend a lot of time on every header and module of body; size, color, boldness, spacing and effects like shadows are all vital to design and can make or break a website. 


Step 2: Logo

A good logo is a brand’s first impression. Logos must be easy to remember and unique – they are how your brand will be remembered. We work with your vision, or from scratch if needed!  It can take hours to get the right logo. For Sharon, our Graphic Designer created an image of gentle care and safety that supports the name “Advocate”. 

Step 3: Website

Advocate’s site design and copy comes together to support their brand. With images and colors from nature and a strong emphasis on support, it was important to reflect their vision with clean lines, readable text and an aesthetic of calm. 

A lot of work goes into pulling a website together, whether it’s a four-page starter site or a complex customized site. We don’t just add some color and pretty pictures; we carefully format every section of every page In today’s world, your visitor will be looking at your site on their phones more often than not; we take a lot of care making sure your site is formatted to be navigable and beautiful no matter what size screen it’s on.

An added luxury you won’t likely get elsewhere? We write your copy. Our professional Copywriter consults with you to understand your needs and your business, then writes amazing content for you. You can’t just have a pretty page; content is king!