First 10 Tasks To Outsource

Finding the first 10 tasks to outsource is easy and can be a huge weight off your shoulders.  By hiring a General Virtual Assistant you can train them to do the following in as little as 10 hours a week:

1. Set up and manage your email folders

2. Organize your Google Drive

3. Respond to emails

4. Respond to social media posts

5. Triage emails

6. Organize your daily to-do list

7. Create graphics for your social media

8. Post on social media

9. Repurpose social media posts on multiple platforms

10. Write captions and research hashtags


The Next 10 Tasks To Outsource

Once you’ve gotten some basic tasks off your hands and your VA knows your business better, you can assign some more.

11. Screen your phone calls

12. Respond to messages

13. Track birthdays for you

14. RSVP to invites

15. Make reservations

16. Gather reviews

17. Ask your clients for testimonials

18. Create forms

19. Set up an email service provider

20. Make changes to your website

10 More Tasks To Outsource

Virtual assistants can help you with tasks that you may not have yet considered

21. Help you set up a podcast

22. Edit your podcast

23. Create show notes for a podcast

24. Find podcast guests

25. Email your list

26. Create a newsletter

27. Graphic design for your website

28. Content repurposing

29. Facebook community management

30. Prepare documents

Final 20 Tasks To Outsource

Your VA can do many things once they are properly trained and you trust them to help you.

31. Help you create videos

32. Edit your videos

33. Copywriting

34. Write sale pages

35. Direct message people on social media

36. Do LinkedIn searches

37. Create an FAQs

38. Follow up with leads

39. Create case studies

40. Set up appointments

41. Plan your travel

42. Deal with insurance

43. Follow up with non-payments

44. Conduct discovery calls

45. Coordinate with service providers

46. Respond to comments

47. Send invoices

48. Manage all your platforms

49. Coordinate bookkeeping

50. Send contracts

The hardest part about working with a Virtual Assistant is building a trusting relationship.  Start out with small tasks at first, make sure that you work well together.  Never assume the VA knows what you want or that something should be “obvious”.  Nothing is obvious and nothing should be left to interpretation.  It will take a good 2-3 months to get your VA up to speed on what you want done.  But once you do have a working relationship, you’ll get so much more done.